Painting + collage is an extension of self and is ultimately a way to see, translate and interpret the intangible. Through Marcy’s lens, light and life present differently – With a BFA in painting from Baylor University, her work is a response to this light, these movements and connections in our world. Thriving off of the idea that everything in creation testifies to a Creator who delights in beauty for the sake of beauty – Marcy aims to capture the UNSEEN, but FELT elements of a moment; the light, sound, energy and weight – to deconstruct and then reconstruct her surroundings, ultimately invoking the ideas of rest, peace, movement, grace and light.

Marcy’s art is a form of abstraction, conveying and aiming to capture moments of delight. Inspired by her work in floral design and also a response to intentional + consistent travel, music and literature, she works primarily with paint, pastels, pencil, charcoal and mixed media collage.

After 6+ years of floral + event design work at her company, Stems of Dallas, Marcy now works as a full-time artist at her studio based in Dallas, Texas.

Everything in creation testifies to a Creator who delights in beauty for beauty’s sake. So many things that are beautiful didn’t need to be. And it was God who elected to make them that way. He opted to make autumn a season saturated with bold, changing color. He didn’t have to make the setting sun the spectacle that it is. But He did. Why?

One reason must be because beauty pleases Him. And another may simply be to arrest people by their senses when they’re otherwise just plodding along, heads down, living within the economy of pragmatism.
photography by Jess Barfield

photography by Jess Barfield