is an "in studio" experience recreated at your event. It begins with the setting up of an easel + tools and inviting your guests directly into the artist's process. Marcy's work is an immediate response to the light, movement and connection of the event. She aims to capture the UNSEEN but FELT elements of the moment; the light, sound, energy and weight - to deconstruct and then reconstruct her surroundings, ultimately evoking the ideas of rest, peace, movement, grace and light.


Marcy is an abstract expressionist painter; thus the piece will be done in this style. Realistic event scenes of the literal space, people or décor are not an element of her work.

Marcy is open and willing to incorporate color schemes that you're interested in for future uses + spaces - but can also simply take event + surrounding color schemes into account.

Live painting canvases are exclusively square - 30", 36", 40", 48"

The artist will always consider, but does not guarantee edits, because this piece is first and foremost a unique piece of fine art.

CONTACT to inquire further for pricing and event availability.

Please include your event date, location, desired piece size and any other applicable details.